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“I was having a lot of trouble with IBS and experiencing pain and bloating when eating. I also suffered with acne and hirsutism. I felt that Alex was great with explaining the reasoning behind why I needed to change aspects of my lifestyle. I felt that Alex was very unjudgmental and approachable, and she really was good at understanding the challenges for me and worked around my life and needs. Even from the very start, the small changes that I implemented improved my health. I started to feel like I had more energy, my stomach issues lessened and, overall, I just felt better. As the sessions went on, this continued to improve, and I could not believe it when I stopped having stomach issues all together! I had not imagined that would have been an outcome at all. Since working with Alex, I have maintained the changes that she recommended. The understanding I have now about certain things that I eat, and the effect they may have, stops me from going back to my old habits.”

SW, aged 43

"I came to see Alex with anxiety and IBS. I had been suffering with IBS for a long time, equipped with out-of-date information and understanding from when I was first diagnosed with it 8 years ago. And whilst I appreciated that the digestive and nervous systems were closely linked, I didn't appreciate just how much the underlying causes for these two were linked. I found the nutritional therapy with Alex extremely helpful. I learned a lot about my body, as well as nutrition and how it fuels me. I also found it extremely helpful to do all the tests recommended by Alex, as it gave me a lot of insight. We covered a lot of ground in the sessions, so it was really helpful to have both the detailed and summary reports to refer back to and digest in my own time. I have really felt a difference since implementing Alex's suggestions. Now, I am a lot more aware of what I am putting into my body and how it affects me, physically and mentally. I am preparing a lot more of my own meals and making better choices even when I am eating out. I also have a lot more clarity on measures that I can take when I feel my conditions worsen from time to time due to external factors (e.g. increased stress). It was an extremely informative journey for me, and I would highly recommend it."

ZE, aged 32

"With high blood pressure and high cholesterol, I realised that a medicinal approach was not the only way. Looking at my diet and lifestyle choices which affect my diet also had a role to play. Working with Alex to understand and address my diet was a step to putting me on the right path. I found Alex and the programme excellent. Alex was able to explain the process clearly and concisely. She has a positive attitude, and you can tell she enjoys her work and helping people achieve results. The format of sessions was approachable and not too overwhelming given the amount of information discussed. I have without doubt adjusted and changed my approach to diet, cutting out and reducing some elements and increasing others. My satisfaction with regard to food has increased and I actually have been put off some of the foods I was previously eating that weren’t doing me much good. Listen to Alex. She knows what she’s talking about."

Simon, aged 50

“I came to see Alex after a relatively new diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis and ongoing issues with indigestion/reflux, hoping to take some control with diet and lifestyle changes. I enjoyed the experience and found it fascinating! Alex is very enthusiastic and clearly passionate about her work, and the health reports were invaluable as a reference point to check understanding and also to renew motivation. As well as seeing a reduction in my symptoms, I feel I have reconnected with the pleasure of making healthier food for me and also my family.”

Sarah L, aged 46

Alex Allen

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I'm a registered Nutritional Therapist BA (Hons), Dip BCNH, mBANT, regCNHC.

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