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By Alex on 23/07/22 | Recipes

Mason-Jar Salad Recipe

New recipe!! You might have seen mason jar salads on social media. They’re great – and not just because they look cool in a photo. It’s easy to make a couple of day’s-worth in one go, saving you time in the kitchen. 

It is a kind of upside-down way to make your salad but ensures the whole lot doesn’t go soggy by lunchtime. Simply empty it out onto a plate when you’re ready for it and the ingredients you put in first (the wetter ingredients) end up on the top, while the more delicate ingredients like the salad leaves end up on the bottom without being squashed.


Here’s how you make your own in simple steps: 

  1. The dressing goes in first. This is really important as it guarantees the leaves don’t get soggy. Add enough so it can (eventually) coat all your ingredients.
  2. Next pop in your robust veg like beetroot or fennel.
  3. You can then add any softer veg like cucumber or green beans.
  4. Don’t forget your healthy fats – put in some olives or avocado.
  5. Add a layer of protein – tuna, chicken, egg, tofu – as well as any other things you’re using like cheese, nuts or seeds – those ingredients that you want to stay dry until just before you eat it.
  6. The leafy greens go in last. That way they’re kept nice and dry and, when you turn the jar over and empty onto your plate, the leaves make the salad bed.
  7. Enjoy!

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